Music City Pickleball is a 501 (c) (7) non-profit organization chartered with the State of Tennessee whose purpose is to facilitate the growth of pickleball in Middle Tennessee and surrounding areas. Our goals are to:

  • Create a vibrant pickleball club that provides for year-round play, healthy competition, community building and member skill development.
  • Provide access to one or more facilities for club play, partnering with local community resources both public and private.
  • Build a lasting and active membership base that is committed to the club and the broader pickleball and local community
  • Organize and provide regular play for recreational, intermediate and advanced players
  • Promote pickleball in the community to encourage more people to play.

Board Members

The following individuals serve as unpaid board members of the organization:

  • Mike Moberly, President
  • Mark Gasaway, Treasurer
  • Shelton Wicks, Secretary
  • Christy Moberly, At-large
  • Ann Cornwall, At-large, past-president
  • Stephen Grich, At-large, ex-officio
  • Mark Hayes, At-large, ex-officio


We have organized around a variety of committees, each headed by a volunteer member with expertise and experience relevant to the committee. Each committee welcomes members who would like to support their work by volunteering to help plan and execute activities.

  • Programs
  • Operations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Social