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Approved Instructors for Individual and Small Group Lessons

Music City Pickleball has approved the following certified Instructors to offer individual and small group lessons to our members. They are all accomplished players and experienced instructors. Instructors are not employees of Music City Pickleball. Please contact them directly via the email addresses listed.

Gift certificates are available – send an email to for more information.

Antonio Cummings, Instructor

I started playing pickleball in 2016 and have been a medalist in several tournaments across the country in addition to teaching clinics. I have an all-around sports background, tennis being my primary sport.  When I initially heard about pickleball it didn’t sound like a game that would interest me based on how it was described. A few years later, I played at a recreation center in Oklahoma and completely fell in love with the game and came back to Nashville and saw there was play almost everywhere and never looked back. 

My passion for the game has allowed me to be a part of a wonderful pickleball family across the country and to pursue pickleball full-time, as I am a IPTPA Level 2 Certified Instructor and a sponsored player of Engage Pickleball.

The goal is to continue to grow the game and deliver on other’s passion to improve their game. It’s so gratifying to see the light bulb go off for students and to see them get a sense of improvement in their game and watch them follow up with tournament success. When I’m not playing Pickleball, I’m spending time with my wife Casey and my son Aldin. 

You can contact Antonio via email.

Kevin Mulder, Lead Instructor

I was a tournament level tennis and racquetball player until injuries put a stop to those sports. Then I found pickleball and immediately fell in love with it, ordering my first paddle on the way home from the courts on day one. I have played every week since then and love to challenge myself in tournament play throughout the U.S. I enjoy the social and competitive aspects of this game and find it rewarding to enable and help others improve, excel, and become passionate about pickleball like I am.

My teaching philosophy is focused on what students want and need to take their games to the next level, be that more advanced rec play or tournaments. I like breaking the game down into the basics to help keep shots and strategies simple, allowing players to concentrate on a few key elements to help them improve. I’m excited to be an approved IPTPA and Certified PPR Teaching Pro with MCP and hope to see some new faces on the courts. Let’s play some ball….. 0-0-2!!

You can contact Kevin via email.

Craig Irving, Instructor

Craig is an IPTPA Level 2 certified instructor. With five grown children, he has been a sports coach and teacher of many sports for decades. He started playing pickleball five years ago and immediately started introducing others to the game.  He quickly decided to obtain official teaching credentials so he could provide students the highest quality experience possible.

Craig teaches all levels of players, from first timers to advanced, and a variety of group clinics.  He shows up each day with a lot of energy and enthusiasm so be ready to improve and have a lot of fun.

You can contact Craig via email.

Marne Smith – Instructor

Marne Smith is an IPTPA and a PPR Pro certified pickleball instructor. She has won gold medals with her identical twin sister at the Oregon State games, the Washington State games, Fall Brawl, the Grand Canyon Games and has been gold medal champion in doubles and mixed doubles in the State of Tennessee for the Senior Olympics. She also took a bronze medal in her first international tournament in women’s doubles in Nagano Japan. When not teaching she loves to play and drill with fellow pickleball enthusiasts. She was also on the women’s professional golf tour for a year and loves any sport where you are hitting a ball. However, pickleball is her true love.

You can contact Marne via email.

Bo Sacks, Instructor

Bo is a pickleball enthusiast and has a passion for coaching. He is a PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor and plays or teaches everyday. His true love of the game lies in teaching others. He loves working with players of all abilities and relishes the opportunity to help them reach their full potential.

Pickleball has taken Bo all over the country and he loves the common thread that binds the players he meets along the way.  That sense of community drives Bo to play and teach the game at the highest level possible.

You can contact Bo via email.

Michelle Casady,  Instructor

I’ve been active my whole life playing various sports. In 2018, I was convinced to try pickleball, and I was hooked immediately! Like many others who play, the pickleball court has become one of my happy places.
I love to play, drill and travel to tournaments across the country, accumulating many medals along the way.

During the past year, I’ve been teaching all levels from beginner to the more advanced players. In the process, I’ve found it both very enjoyable AND extremely rewarding to help others improve their skills, court positioning and strategy to become more confident pickleball players. As the saying goes, “Pickleball is an easy sport to learn, but a difficult one to master.” I believe with guidance and practice, everyone can succeed in having fun on the courts!

I am both an IPTPA and a PPR Certified Instructor. We are all works in progress and students of the game who can learn together. I welcome the opportunity to continue sharing my knowledge of the sport we all love.

You can contact Michelle via email.