New Leagues Start February 8th


LEAGUE Overview: 

  • There will be two shootout leagues: 12pm to 2pm
  • A (intermediate) on Mondays: February 8 – March 15
  • B (advanced) on Wednesdays: February 10 – March 17
  • Players may register for the advanced or intermediate based on the player level in their member profile (if you do not have a player level, please reach out to a league manager).
  • Each shootout league will have five courts and can accommodate 20 players each week.
  • If there are consistently more players than the league can accommodate, more courts will be added.
  • Players do not have to commit to playing every week but can sign-up to play when their schedule allows.
  • No charge for Premier Members
  • For General Members, drop-in fee rate applies


  • Registration for weekly play will be done each Friday.  Be on the lookout for a weekly email reminder announcing registration for that week’s play and containing a link to the member portal.
  • The first 20 players to register in each shootout league EACH WEEK get to play that week. If anyone who wants to play tries to register after 20 have already registered, you may choose to be added to the wait list in case a spot opens.



  • The format will be a shootout. Assignment to courts each week will be random.
  • Each round, you will play one game to 11 by 1.
  • After that, winners move up one court and split (or stay and split if on court 1). Losers move down one court and split (or stay and split if on court 5).
  • Play as many games as possible in 2 hours.
  • The goal is to be one of the last 4 folks on court 1 at the end of our time.
  • Please be on time so you have a few minutes to warm-up and begin play at the start time.


  • If you cannot play contact your league manager at least 24 hours prior to the game.
  • Do not find a sub, instead we will work from the wait list first to fill those spots.
  • Failure to notify league managers of your absence will result in a penalty.
    • First no-show will result in not being allowed to register for the next weeks shootout.
    • Second no-show penalty will not be allowed to register for league play during the subsequent 4 weeks.  


Intermediate League Manager:   Dan Lerch – Cell:  615-336-7787.  Email:  qwikfit44@gmail.com

Advanced League Manager:   Kevin Mulder – Cell:  615-828-4073. Email:  mulderk@bellsouth.net

Information:    Karlee Lursen – Cell:  952-994-2568. Email:  karlee@musiccitypickleball.com

Program Committee Chair: Julia Dawson. Email: jtdawson@yahoo.com