Member Information

Member Information Table of Contents

1. Member Portal

2. Activity Schedule

3. Open Play

4. Reservations

5. Clinics and Lessons

6. Guests & Visitors

7. Miscellaneous

8. Social Media Policy

Member Portal

Access the Music City Pickleball member portal by clicking the button below. You can manage your membership, access your account, enroll in activities, see who is playing, change your profile and check your membership/billing information.

For information on how to access and use the member portal click on one of the links below.

Current Activity Schedule

Standard hours. Effective 8/21/22. Subject to change.

Open PlayM-F 8am to noon
Other times/days - see calendar Event Calendar
Court ReservationsMon-Fri 6:30am to 8am and noon to 3pm
Clinics & LeaguesSee Event Calendar for details.
TournamentsJuly 2023

Court Reservations

Court reservations will be available for Premium members as published on Court Reserve.

  • Reservations will be in 1-hour increments and may be no longer than 2 hours per reservation.
  • One reservation per day per member
  • Members are responsible for assembling and breaking down net as needed and following any other Club procedures or requirements.
  • Member is responsible for listing all participants in the reservation and paying guest fees, if any, at time of reservation.

Clinics and Lessons


Members may take lessons at the club from instructors who have an active certification from either PPR or IPTPA and are approved by the club. To learn more or arrange for a lesson please check out our Lessons page.

Open Play

During regular business hours, open play and challenge courts will be available Monday through Friday from 8am to noon with occasional evening and weekend hours. Summer hours will vary. Members are required to register for open play using the Event tab on the Court Reserve app or member portal. Please note that MCP may limit the number of players who can participate in Open Play based on court availability.

  • Recreational/Social courts
    • Members who want to have fun playing with others in a relaxed atmosphere should play on these courts.
  • Competitive courts: 
    • Members who are looking for competitive higher-level play should play here mostly. Intermediate and advanced members will play here but all are welcome.
  • 4.0/4.5+ courts:
    • Updated effective 2/20/22Members can qualify for the 4.0+ group if they meet one of the following two objective criteria:
      1. Rating Criteria: Maintain a UTPR tournament rating of 4.0 or greater as evidenced on the USA Pickleball website; self-ratings will not qualify.

      Failing to maintain a UTPR tournament rating of 4.0 or greater will immediately disqualify a Member from the 4.0+ Group, unless they otherwise qualify under the Tournament Play Criteria.

      1. Tournament Play Criteria: Show results on that evidence both of the following:
        • Member has competed in at least two USA Pickleball sanctioned tournaments at the 4.0 level in the last 12 months; AND
        • Member has not participated in any tournament at a level below 4.0 in the last 12 month.

      Playing in a tournament below the 4.0 level will immediately disqualify a Member from the Advanced Group, if they qualified through the Tournament Play Criteria, until they requalify through the Rating or Tournament Play Criteria.   


      • Current Advanced Members who don’t meet either of those criteria will have until 12/31/22 to achieve one of the above two criteria to remain in this group.
      • Current Advanced Members will not be penalized for participating in a tournament below the 4.0 level during the Courtesy Period, provided that such registration was made prior to 2/1/2022.
      • Failing to maintain a UTPR tournament rating of 4.0 or greater will immediately disqualify a Member from the Advanced Group if they qualified using the Rating Criteria and failed to meet the Tournament Play Criteria.
      • If you believe you qualify for the 4.0+ courts, send an email to Stephen Grich to confirm that the criteria have been met. 

    Guest Policy

    Effective 12/1/21

    We encourage out-of-town visitors to come play at MCP. We also want to create an environment where local players can see the value of joining our club. The following policy applies to all guests to MCP.

    All guests must be 18 years old or older.

    • For Open Play:
      • A member may invite up to 2 guests per session to participate in Open Play provided the member makes the request in advance of the date of play and is approved by staff or a board member. The request must include the guest’s name and email address and is to be emailed to  The member will be charged $10 per guest in advance of the Open Play session.
        • Local resident guests:
          • A local resident may participate in one Open Play session per month as a guest of a member.
        • Out of town guests:
          • Guests not residing in the Greater Nashville area (Davidson, Rutherford, Williamson, Sumner, Wilson, Maury, Robertson, Dickson, Cheatham, Hickman, Macon, Smith, Cannon and Trousdale counties) may attend as often as they would like while they are visiting as a guest of a member.
        • The board reserves the right to limit guest access during times of high volume or limited courts (e.g., summer months and holidays)
    • For Reserved Courts:
      • A member may invite guests to participate on their court reservation – no advance approval required. Guests’ names must be put on the reservation.  There is not a limit to how often guests can participate in court reservations. Members will be charged $10/guest.
    • Prospective members
      • Local residents who want to visit the club to consider joining may request one free guest pass to participate in Open Play with board member approval in advance by sending an email to


    MCP is a member-driven club that relies on members to help the club operate efficiently. As such we ask all members to help out.

    • In general members will:
      • Abide by all of the rules, terms and releases as set forth on the club website or otherwise provided to the Members. 
      • Sign-up and pay (where relevant) in Court Reserve for participation in all activities, so others can see who is playing and for court set up purposes.
      • Keep the facility clean and sanitary.
      • Notify the club as soon as possible if they need to drop from a clinic, shootout, league or other planned activity.
      • Stop playing promptly at the end of a session and help clean up. 
      • Maintain a valid credit card on file at all times and be current in all payment obligations.
      • Not do any video recording at MCP facilities, even with the permission of another member.
    • Assist with the nets:
      • Will be assembled by members as courts are needed
      • Will be taken down by the last players on the court if no members are waiting to play. 
      • Members should ensure that no nets or other supplies are left on the courts when a session ends. 
    • Help with tape:
      • Members will assist in taping or removing tape from courts as scheduled or requested
      • Members will repair court taping as needed.