Member Services Specialist


Member Services Specialist Job Description

MCP’s Member Services Specialist (MSS) is responsible for ensuring member satisfaction with Open Play while assuring MCP’s policies and procedures are effectively carried out.

Specific duties include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Ensure an appropriate number of courts are set up for each session:
    • While members may set up nets, if there a need for nets to be set up during an Open Play session, then the MSS should set them up proactively.
    • There should at least one net set up in each basketball bay that we have access to – regardless of the members in attendance at the start of the session.
  • Set up signage, facility benches and tables. Members may assist, but ultimately, it is the MSS’s responsibility to set them up on a daily basis.
  • Work with members to put down tape on the courts when needed, showing them the best way to do it. Proactively tape courts as needed based on attendance. Recruit members to help.
  • Pull tape up with or without member support as requested by Alliance and/or Stars.
  • Check-in all members to ensure they registered to play in both Open Play and court reservations.
  • Members must send written request to bring guests in advance of open play. MSS will enter the names of all guests in the CR system and ensure that they are eligible to attend based on the guest policy (currently quarterly). The $10 guest fee will be charged to the member.
  • Ensure members understand Open Play and Challenge Court rules and guide members to appropriate courts based on player level in the Court Reserve system.
  • Inform members when Open Play is nearing conclusion and ask them to wind down matches and assist with putting equipment away.
  • Ensure all MCP equipment, as well as the facility’s bleachers and benches are put away properly.
    • While members may take down nets at the end of a session, the MSS should proactively take down nets when it is clear they will no longer be needed for that day’s session.
    • Benches and bleachers are to be put away before the MSS leaves for the day.


  • Set up program events in Court Reserve for the program committee.
  • Help recruit members to participate in programs.
  • Set up courts for programs.

Member Relations

  • Proactively reach out to all new members to welcome to the club and schedule an orientation to the club – ideally on the day the join the club.
  • Assist members with questions/challenges related to Court Reserve and their member profile.
  • Respond to all inbound emails by noon each day.
  • Set up benches for member meetings and live-stream the meeting.


  • Conduct monthly reconciliation of Standard Member Open Play events and bill those who utilize more than their allocation of events.
  • Review all reservations to ensure all four players are listed and guest fees have been applied, if applicable.
  • Clean up and arrange storage bin and storage area at least weekly.
  • Handle all termination and downgrade requests in a timely manner.


  • Must have a mature attitude and confidence to deal effectively with the public.
  • Anticipate members’ needs and be available to answer questions and help.
  • Athletic and sports experience essential.
  • Outgoing and personable.
  • Reliable.
  • Comfortable with technology – desktop and mobile apps.
  • Assertive – ability to deal with unique and strong personalities.
  • The ability to lift 35 pounds; move and set up tables and benches is required.