Open Close Instructions

Opening and Closing Instructions


  • Main doors at South parking lot – should be unlocked. If they are locked, text Rick Leach 615-499-0400.
  • Turn on the lights at the control panel to the right of the doors (when facing the doors from the inside. Courts 1,3,5 are on the right side of the hallway and 2,4,6 are on the left side. The lights are ON when the indicator on the right side of each button is illuminated in red.
    • Be careful, others may be in the area so don’t turn off any lights.
  • Unlock the storage bin using code 3220 (the numbers need to be lined up in the TOP row) and take it to the playing area.
  • Raise the basketball hoops and volleyball nets if needed and lower the curtains that separate the basketball courts by using the keypad on the wall near each court. See instructions on the underside of the top of the storage bin for details or click here.
  • Have other members set up nets in each of the four court areas
    • Set up the first three challenge court nets (courts #4a, b, c)
    • Set up two nets in intermediate area (court #6a, b)
    • Set up one court in the beginner area (court #3a)
    • Set up one net in the advanced area (court #2a)
  • Have a member put 6 balls (maximum) in each of four buckets and place one in each area of play. (Don’t put out more balls unless there is breakage).
  • Get white boards and easels from storage room near court #1 and place them as follows:
    • Hallway near entrance to courts 4 & 6 – Overall directions
    • In entrance to court #6 – Intermediate Open Play
    • In entrance to court #4 – Challenge Court
    • In entrance to court #2 – Advanced Open Play
    • In entrance to court #3 – Beginner, All Level Open Play, etc.
  • Put one bench behind each challenge court.
  • Put a folding table along the wall at the entrance to the intermediate courts and the advanced courts with the “Open Play place paddles here” sign on the right side of it.
  • Place one set of bleachers against the wall next to the folding tables.
  • Put a bench behind the beginner court and place the Open Play place paddles here” sign on it.
  • Unlock the doors leading into the lobby with allen key like the doors near the parking lot.
  • Put the thermometer (in a 9″ x 12″ plastic container in the bin) and Covid Questionnaire on the table outside courts 4 & 6.

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  • Have members who are leaving take down nets if no one is waiting to play.
    • Have them leave the poles in the nets, fold the net in half and the roll it.
    • Make sure yard sticks are placed in each bag with the nets..
  • Sanitize the balls and put them into one white bucket and stack the empty ones under the one with the balls in it.
  • Put white boards and easels into the storage room near court #1, stacked neatly against the wall.
  • Put the thermometer marked MCP and the Covid Questionnaire away in the 9″ x 12″ plastic container – then place it in the bin.
  • Wheel the storage bin to the stairway by the south entrance and secure it to the pole next to the ball machine. If the lock is locked use code 3220 (with numbers aligned at the top).
  • If there is league play in the afternoon, just put away signage and make sure that the nets and balls that are not being used for league are put away. The league players will take care of the remaining nets and storage bin.